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American Marketing Association Chicago Chapter is managed by more than 100 volunteers. Every level of our organization is led by chapter members who volunteer their time on our seven committeesevents teams and board of directors. Through their careers and their service to AMA Chicago, our volunteers give back to the community and make our mission possible, and we appreciate their dedication throughout the year. Each month, we highlight a special volunteer who has gone above and beyond to make a meaningful impact on member value through skill- or relationship-building.

December 2017: Chris Cacci

Chief Creative Officer, CACCICO
Director, Website Experience, AMA Chicago
Member since 2017

Chris Cacci owns her own creative agency, and as a business owner, was actively looking to re-engage with business organizations. She was fearful of become “myopic,” as she describes it, and urging to not only network, but also to be informed on relevant and current marketing subjects.

“Running your own business is extremely hard work,” Cacci said. “Knowing what and who is out there, what other people are doing, how they are doing it, what resources might be available to you, learning different points of view—that’s what brought me to the AMA. I have also met some very nice people in the short time I’ve been on the board.”

Cacci says she feels she has been able to obtain all of those as a AMA member. But she is also very active within the Chicago Chapter. And her hard work has allowed her to earn December’s Volunteer of The Month Award.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m the Director of Website Experience for AMA. I am responsible for providing a user-friendly experience for our membership and potential members.

I’m the Chief Creative officer at CACCICO, LLC. We are a virtual team with a focus on qualitative research, design thinking and visual design, rooted in emotional branding.

What career stage are you in?

Somewhere along the line I lost count as to how many years I’ve been in marketing (haha!) It never gets old. I started as a brand designer, then became a design strategist. Now I run a business so I have my fingers in everything. I think it’s important to reinvent yourself as the practice evolves. It can be very tough to stay relevant in the current business landscape.

What advice would you give to marketers looking to advance their career?

Being relevant is something that you should always pay attention to, as early as 5 years into your career. Sometimes it means making tough choices to leave a job or work longer hours.

Meet people. I don’t necessarily mean “network” which has horrible connotations for most people, including me. Meet people in a way that feels authentic to you. I think that is one of the most valuable assets of being an AMA member or a member of any professional organization. There are 6 degrees of separation — let it work for you. And be patient enough to let relationships evolve naturally. Do something where people can get to know you. The difference between meeting people and networking is that networking implies that you want something from someone. If you are not a natural at it, that will push people away.

What is success to you?

Speaking specifically from a business POV, my success is my client’s success. I know that sounds like a pollyanna response but it’s true. If I make my clients shine and make their job easier, I’ve succeeded. If I answered this from a personal POV, I would say health, honestly and surrounding yourself with people you love.

Little known facts about you (top of mind quick answers)

Worthy splurge: Shoes!

Favorite thing to do in Chicago in the summer: Go running on Chicago’s lakefront

Three words to describe yourself: Tenacious, fair, people tell me I’m funny

Best advice you’ve ever received: “We know you can design, that’s why you’re sitting here, so what else ya got?” This advice was given to me by my mentor. It taught me that people hire more than what they see in your portfolio.

What makes you forget to eat? Is this a trick question? I wish I had an answer for this.

What are you grateful for: That list is too long.

If you could have one magic power, what would it be? To be a great salesperson.

What gives you goose bumps? Taking an amazing photo.

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November 2017: Beth Marshall

Senior Manager, Marketing Communications, Ariel Investments
Associate Director, Analytics, AMA Chicago
Member since 2008
What brought you to Chicago AMA?

When I relocated to Chicago, I felt the Chicago AMA would be the perfect place to meet other marketers, and get a sense of the local marketing environment – I was right on both counts.

What unique challenges do you face today as a marketer and how do you leverage your membership to turn those challenges into opportunities?

Marketing has become much more technology-based over the last 20 years, and it’s challenging to acquire those skills outside of your day-to-day job. As an AMA volunteer, I had an opportunity to use email, analytics, and design tools, then transfer that experience to my job.

What are the most valued benefits you get for being a member?

Exposure to a wide range of marketing disciplines through thoughtful programming, and opportunities to make a difference to the chapter through volunteering while learning something new.

What event takeaways have you identified and implemented in your position?

How to use Google Analytics to understand your website!

What are you working on now that excites you?

We are developing a new approach to creating marketing and compliance pieces so they draw on a central data repository to ensure accuracy and consistency. Additional benefits include cost savings, and reduced time to market.

Little known facts about you (top of mind quick answers)

Worthy splurge: The Chef’s tasting menu at Macku Sushi

Touristy thing that you secretly love: The Architectural Boat Tour

Favorite thing to do in Chicago in the summer: The Green City Market in Lincoln Park

How do you press pause? Reading mysteries

What makes you forget to eat? Nothing, absolutely nothing


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