The Up & Comers is a part of Chicago Chapter AMA that is oriented towards driven young marketing professionals and recent college graduates. The Up & Comers are a community of driven, young marketers on the rise. This group is focused on breaking down barriers to learning and opening up discussion between recent and future members of the Chicago AMA. Participation in the group not only provides you access to all of the Chicago AMA member benefits; it also provides you access to one free members only event per year, career development, workshops and events all for the reduced membership rate of $175 annually.

  • Your Life = Early Career Development
  • Your Network = Young Marketers Meetup: Peer Networking
  • Your Career = Mentorship Program

Young Marketers Meetup

Young Marketers Meetup is where young marketers can connect with one another. Young marketing professionals gather informally to discuss new topics, articles, videos and books related to marketing, business development, branding and entrepreneurship during free, monthly meetings.

YMM focuses on sharing marketing knowledge and building relationships with:

– current AMA members and volunteers who want to get more involved and network with other young professionals

– non-members interested in learning more about marketing and the Chicago AMA

These events are held monthly. Register for the next one below!


Where: Headquarters Beercade- River North – 213 West Institute Place Chicago, IL 60610

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Marketers Career Fair

marketers career fair - date-01The Marketers Career Fair will be held on Thursday April 14, 2016 at Robert Morris University from 6 – 9pm.

As you know, careers are no longer built on stacks of printed resumes. Networking is more important than ever. Apply the insights gathered throughout past #yearofcareer events at the Up & Comers version of a career fair. Connecting with the AMA was the first step in getting acquainted with the opportunities and people that will shape your life. Networking with potential employers at the Career Fair is next!

Visit The Marketers Career Fair website for more information!

Get Involved!

  • Email Michael Long, Executive Director at michael@chicagoama.org if you are interested in exhibiting at the Career Fair!
  • Email Vice President of Strategic Relations, Nicole Cafillio at ncafillio@robertmorris.edu about volunteering on the professional development committee.

Mentorship Program

The mentorship program is designed to foster personal and professional growth of AMA Up & Comers through a personalized mentoring relationship with another AMA member in a confidential and supportive atmosphere. This program provides a collaborative relationship between both individuals’ roots in clear goals and expectations.

We are recruiting our second class of participants. Applications for the program will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis until the end of February via the web form below.

Mentor qualifications:

  • Active member in the AMA
  • Marketing or related industry professional with at least 10 years of experience
  • Willingness to commit an average of 1-3 hours per month
  • Attend mentorship matching/kick-off event
  • Take mentee to one marketing event during program duration

Mentee qualifications:

  • Active member in the AMA
  • Marketing or related industry professional with less than five years of experience
  • Willingness to commit an average of 1-3 hours per month
  • Attend mentorship matching/kick-off event
  • Attend one marketing event during program duration with your mentor

Interested in participating as a mentor or mentee and meet the minimum qualifications? Complete your application today!

Apply Now!

Mentor Application: http://bit.ly/1iEmQqq

Mentee Application: http://bit.ly/1gREaE0

Meet participants from the inaugural class!

Mentors: Mark Sterne, Nancy Graham, Steven Horne, John Hambrick

Mentees: Dylan Richter, Sarah Goebel, Scott Stern, Tyler Giesting

“Thank you guys so much for organizing this program. Finding a mentor is a common suggestion as you start your career but it can be difficult to take that first step and figure out who that person should be.” – Dylan, mentee

“Great program!! Came at the right time and very well organized – thank you!” – Sarah, mentee

“I was excited by this concept the moment I heard about your plan. Every touch point with your team was productive and pleasant (e.g., emails, the speed matching session). Bravo. Great program. Great people. Great experience.” – John, mentor

Email Heather at upandcomers@chicagoama.org if you are interested in learning more about the mentorship program or volunteering on the mentorship committee.

Past Events

Swapportunity, the second #yearofcareer event from the Up & Comers Professional Development Committee was held on July 14, 2014. Three experienced panelist led a discussion full of interviewing and networking tips. These tips were put to use immediately after the panel with interview sessions given by peers and professionals.

Resume Recharge was held on March 3rd, 2014.  A panel filled with experienced professionals answered resume-related questions.  Guests were able to gain a better understanding on how to stand out in a group of applicants.  After the panel, one-on-one resume reviewing took place, which gave guests a jumping off point on the journey to their dream career.