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“It’s a lot more rewarding if you volunteer, get on a committee and make a contribution. It raises the bar of the value you get out of the AMA.”

Bonnie Massa, President & Founder, Massa & Company
President, AMA Chicago

Being part of AMA Chicago’s Board of Directors gives you the opportunity to be in the company of some of Chicago’s most ambitious marketing leaders in the field. It’s also a chance to become part of a focused group of individuals who will share big ideas and shape the strategic marketing future of a premier, volunteer organization – one that’s established a 75-year legacy.

AMA Chicago is a chapter of the American Marketing Association and a non-profit corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board members contribute their expertise in specific knowledge areas through committee participation.

The Value of Board Membership

You’ll have an impact on chapter membership and the opportunity to bring new tools and expertise back to your organization. And, of course, you’ll receive all the benefits of membership and much more. These benefits include:

    • Opportunities to connect with and work alongside marketing leaders in metro Chicago
    • Investment in the future of marketing by giving back to the community
    • Affiliation of your brand at the governance level of a national professional organization
    • Experience working alongside professionals with varied marketing skill sets, broadening your marketing point of view
    • Free access to all AMA Chicago events
    • Specialized professional development through board-only events and expert speakers
    • Opportunities to shape programming at a local level to impact the professional development and skill-building available to every marketer in Chicago
“It’s a way to meet some great people and grow your own personal network. You walk out with a whole new set of skills and knowledge that you didn’t have before.”

Pamela Wedgeworth, Communications Consultant & Senior Creative Director, Wedgeworth Communications
Director, MarketingTech Smart, AMA Chicago


All AMA Chicago board members are expected to:

    • Possess a passion for the mission of AMA Chicago and serve as a chapter ambassador for the Chicago marketing community
    • Be fiscally responsible for AMA Chicago, including actively planning and approving its budget
    • Be seasoned experts in their respective discipline, with leadership experience and the ability to manage teams through influence and collaboration
    • Serve as CEO of their position by bringing new ideas to the chapter, evaluating their feasibility and engaging in their successful launch
    • Assist in recruiting future board members and volunteers who possess the skills, commitment and energy to make significant contributions to advance the mission of AMA Chicago
    • Have schedule flexibility to attend morning and/or evening events sponsored by the chapter as appropriate
    • Attend monthly board meetings and other leadership sessions as determined by the chapter operations calendar
    • Contribute 10 or more hours per month
    • Serve a two-year term beginning at the start of the fiscal year in July


Committee Overview

Below are the eight standing board committees and their areas of responsibility. Download the committee description to view the full list of affiliated board positions.

Executive Committee
The executive committee includes the immediate past president, president, president-elect, secretary and treasurer, and the executive director as a non-voting member. The executive committee’s authority and responsibilities are outlined in the chapter bylaws and include reviewing major issues facing the organization and making preliminary decisions for discussion and voting at the next full board meeting.

Community Programming
SIGs and all monthly programs. View all board positions on this committee.

Executive Programming
Brand Smart, CMO Smart and smaller programming developed for executive marketers. View all board positions on this committee.

Strategy and implementation of the chapter’s communications efforts. View all board positions on this committee.

Member Relations
All aspects of the membership experience and maintaining acquisition and retention goals set by the board. View all board positions on this committee.

Developing partnerships with Chicago-area marketing agencies and service providers to financially support the chapter programming agenda. View all board positions on this committee.

Marketing Insight
All research the chapter conducts, maintaining the chapter CRM and providing the board with KPIs and other metrics that show the health of the chapter in all non-financial areas. View all board positions on this committee.

Strategic Relations
Developing and maintaining relationships with collegiate chapters, academic partners, tech startups and other marketing-centric industries in Chicago. View all board positions on this committee.

Executive Committee





Executive Director

Community Programming

Vice President, Community Programming

Director, MarketingTech Smart

Director, SIGs

Director, Volunteer Talent Management

Executive Programming

Vice President, Executive Programming


Vice President, Communications

Director, Email Marketing

Director, Website Experience

Director, Social Media

Member Relations

Vice President, Member Relations

Director, Brand Experience

Director, Member Acquisition

Director, Member Value & Engagement


Vice President, Sponsorship Relations

Director, Brand Sponsorship Relations

Marketing Insight

Vice President, Market Insight

Director, Market Research

Director, Analytics

Strategic Relations

Vice President, Strategic Relations

Director, Higher Ed & Collegiate Relations

Director, Startups & VCs Strategic Relations

“As we’re thinking about the programming, it’s something we can take back to our day jobs. It makes us better mentors, better managers, and better leaders. And, that’s a powerful opportunity.”

Jeffrey Moss, Founder & CEO, Parker Dewey
VP, Strategic Relations, AMA Chicago

Open positions

AMA Chicago seeks marketing leaders, movers and shakers, volunteers and dedicated teams. The next board cycle will begin July 1, 2018; please check back for open positions in December 2017. Alternatively, apply below and include which board committee interests you.


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