My Gift To You At Brand Smart 2017

by Gary Kash 

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. 
Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

  • Miles Beresford Kington

The combination of enhanced marketing knowledge and the wisdom of how to execute smartly will help you get where you want to be in 2022.  Take your first step and attend Brand Smart 2017!

Prior to my first Brand Smart experience in 2016, I heard myself repeating many of the same excuses: “too busy”, “too many deadlines”, “I know what I need to know”, “not enough return on my investment” …but as it turned out, I was dead wrong!

Here’s what happened when I attended Brand Smart 2016 – I complemented my marketing arsenal with words of wisdom from the select few who had successfully navigated the roaring seas of change to make an impact.  Hearing the case studies, the underlying strategies and how these were translated into superior execution that resulted in brand growth made me a smarter and better consultant.

Critically, I heard the same story from younger as well as more seasoned marketing professionals as we shared war stories, lies and cocktails. By the end of the event, we realized how much we learned, we grew and got smarter.  It was at that defining moment that we collectively decided to be better marketers and this made me want to give back!

…and, so I shall.

As this year’s Brand Smart draws near, I’d like to share a few slides that give a new perspective on the critical importance of a powerful and emotional positioning platform. But, what’s most interesting about my presentation is that I will be giving away a blueprint so you can develop your own positioning platform!

That’s right, a blueprint that will help you build a customized positioning platform that will have people line up to connect with your brand rather than trying to connect your brand to consumers. Not a bad deal, huh?

Brand Smart 2017 is where some of the best marketing minds in the world get together and share marketing knowledge and wisdom. Not a bad ROI, if you ask me.

And who knows, you may also get to enjoy a fruit salad while you’re there!


Brand Smart 2017

“The New Brand Journey: A Day of Master Classes”

April 27, 2017, 7:30am – 5:00pm

Gleacher Center at University of Chicago, 450 N Cityfront Plaza Dr, Chicago, IL 60611




Gary Kash’s experience spans consulting, brand marketing, advertising and marketing research. As President of Insights in Marketing, his counsel was sought by companies like MillerCoors, CDW, Gerber, General Mills, Liberty Mutual, Pepsico and S.C. Johnson.  Gary’s ability to guide and counsel others has resulted in him being mentor to many and a sought-after speaker. Recently retired from corporate America, Gary now leverages his wealth of successful consulting experiences to help businesses of all sizes and industries prosper. You can email him or reach him at: 847-217-4500.










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