Evening With Experts Event Recap I: CMO Panel

image1On June 11th the Chicago AMA brought together a panel of three industry leading CMOs to tackle the audience’s toughest questions and provide insight on their past experiences and current challenges as marketers. Our panelists stressed the importance of integrating a marketing strategy that focuses on multiple media outlets. Moderator Pete Krainik of the CMO Club stated, “The idea of integrated marketing has not gone away.”

Megan Bueschel, CMO of Mario Tricoci Hair Salons, led the discussion on media channels stating as we see the marketing landscape change more media channels are merging. Our CMOs believe the future holds more one on one media channels. As more media channels emerge and merge Bueschel told attendees that it is essential to prioritize media channels to be relevant to your audience.

Patrick Bernardi, CMO of Hu-Friedy Manufacturing, summed up our evening with the comment, “It’s the CMO’s job to show them what’s possible.” He also stated “… as a CMO you have to be honest with what’s working and what’s not working.” Daniel Ash, CMO of the Chicago Community Trust gave an example of this with insight on the trust’s content strategy. Ash knew Chicago Community Trust’s strategy needed “to be responsive to the community instead of expecting the community to respond to content that was being pushed out to them.” Ash concluded the evening with some final words of wisdom, “Pay attention to the extremes and you will learn how to move people to your brand.”

Andrea MinhasWritten by Andrea Minhas, Co-Chair of Communications, CMO Panel

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